Sarah Marx Feldner

New York Times Book Review

“A charming, accessible introduction to Japanese home cooking.”

GOOP—Gwyneth Paltrow

“Her book presents the rather overlooked side of Japanese cooking – home cooking for the family. Each recipe has step-by-step photographs, which make the whole process much less intimidating, and even, easy.”

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16 Most Notable Cookbooks of 2010

“Making these dishes was fun – they were soulful and totally suited to everyday cooking. I followed every recipe to a T; each worked very well, was precisely written and easy to prepare. Ultimately, the thing I liked about the book is that it worked. It's refreshing. It was to the point and exact.” –Chris Cosentino

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Taste of Home

“Sarah guides the reader through a world of authentic foods enjoyed by everyday Japanese people and makes it easy to bring those flavors home.”

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Nichi Bei Weekly

"[A] surprisingly entertaining read, which is unusual for a cookbook. One could easily spend an afternoon just reading her story of how she wrote this book, along with the stories behind each recipe. Her anecdotes will charm you, and the recipes will warm your home."

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New Asian Cuisine

Best Asian Cookbooks of 2010

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Fine Cooking

“This inviting book is the warmest introduction to Japanese cuisine you could hope to find.”

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On Wisconsin


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“I have read and explored many books on Asian cuisine, but there is a lucidity and a warmth to this book that sets it apart…For those who love Japanese homestyle cooking but don't know where to start learning how to make it in their own homes, let me suggest this book. It's full of nourishing, simple food—soups, salads, seafood, even chiffon cakes—that all feel very accessible and fresh.”

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More Scrumptious Goodies Food Blog

“Feldner's book is simple enough for home cooks unfamiliar with Japanese cooking to follow along and detailed enough to keep Japan enthusiasts satisfied.”

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“For us, most really good cookbooks are characterized as much by a sense of place and personality as by their recipes. A Cook's Journey to Japan has all three.”

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MPH Quill (Malaysia)

Japanese Kitchen Tales: Kw Wong reviews A Cook’s Journey to Japan by Sarah Marx Feldner and interviews the cook about her long, heart-warming homecoming.

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Wisconsin Food Books 2010

“Feldner puts all her skills and experience to superb use…the recipes, ingredient guides and technique descriptions offer exactly what you need to create real Japanese dishes (both traditional and contemporary) in an American kitchen.”–Terese Allen

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International Examiner

“Marx Feldner has written an accessible guide to cooking some atypical dishes while providing a doorway into the lives of those who have cooked these meals…Neither my mother nor I have ever traveled to Japan, but we (and you) can almost get there through this book.”

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Sacramento Book Review

“A Cook’s Journey to Japan is a trip everyone ought to take at least once.”

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Japanese Food Report

"[A] charming new cookbook filled with homestyle faves"
–Harris Salat, co-author of Japanese Hot Pots

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Imbibe Magazine

Cravings: Get your summer barbecue fix with saké -spiked yakitori skewers.

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“Feldner wants to demystify Japanese cooking at the same time that she showcases food typical of the average Japanese home. These recipes are all from cooks Feldner knows personally or met in the course of her research; each recipe has a back story interesting to the armchair traveler as well as the cook.”

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Library Journal

"This gorgeous, original, and easy-to-use cookbook is recommended for all levels of experience and for palates that are open to new and varied flavors."

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Lake Effect

89.7 WUWM

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The Cherry Orchard: How to make a Japanese picnic

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Milwaukee Journal

“[The book] welcomes us in with a trove of recipes…which Feldner collected from everyday people she met in her travels. The recipes are set with the gorgeous illustrative photographs of Noboru Murata. And the forward is by Japanese cooking authority Elizabeth Andoh, who was one of Feldner's mentors."

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Metropolis (Japan)

"Sarah Marx Feldner takes readers on a trip through Japan with homestyle recipes from around the country…A Cook’s Journey to Japan gathers some of the country’s best recipes, and will be a treat for anyone looking to expand their repertoire of Japanese cuisine."

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Publishers Weekly

"Entertaining, with striking full color photographs throughout, this book shows that Japanese home cooking is more than sushi and noodles, providing new perspective on everyday Japanese home fare.”

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Rasa Malaysia Blog

“After reading through the beautiful cookbook, I had a sudden urge of making agedashi tofu or fried tofu in sweet fish stock, one my of [sic] favorite Japanese dishes that I always order at izakaya or Japanese restaurants.”

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M Magazine

Book Nook

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University of Illinois

Alumni Profile

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Ichiro Fujisaki, Ambassador of Japan

“…it is evident that you devoted a lot of time and passion to perfecting each dish. I am always happy when people show interest in Japan’s culture, including culinary traditions. It is with projects such as yours that deepen the Japan-U.S. friendship.”

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New Straits Times (Malaysia)

“What’s different about this Japanese recipe book compared to the myriad available is that it offers homestyle recipes from Japanese kitchens.”

Elizabeth Andoh, author of Washoku

“Dozo, meshiagre! (Go ahead, dig in!) Sarah will guide you well…”

Naomi Duguid, co-author of Seductions of Rice and other works

"An approachable and heartfelt invitation to engage with Japanese food in all its grace and deliciousness, with imaginative versions of classic dishes, generous photographs, and personal anecdotes."